Fetty Wap has allegedly just fired his assistant, Shawna Morgan, for stealing close to $250K from him. She is claiming the opposite, saying that Fetty actually OWES her $250K.

Shawna is currently being accused of falsely representing herself as Fetty’s manager and booking agent. RGF Productions claims that she charged additional fees to venues, took booking fees on behalf of RGF, and also made emails to people claiming to be Fetty’s manager.


RGF Productions is claiming that she would request fees on top of normal fees and pocket the cash. As of now she denies any of this is true, and actually saying Fetty Wap owes her the $250K. Shawna says she put her credit card down a ton of times to cover hotel and other tour expenses and never got paid for it. She also denies ever getting fired, and says she has documents to back up her words.

Apparently both sides are talking to their attorneys about the situation and which actions to take next. It seems to be a he said she said at this point so which side do you believe?

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