Paul Manafort, the former campaign manager for Trump, who was at the meeting with Trump Jr., Kushner and the Russian lawyer, had his Alexandria home raided by the FBI.

The raid took place in the early hours of July 26, the day after Manafort had met with the Senate Intelligence Committee. Reports claim Manafort was cooperative and that investigators, who are involved with Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, left with a lot of documents that allegedly contain notes from the meeting with the Russian lawyer about damaging information on Hillary.

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The raid and search warrant for Manafort’s home indicate that he may not have been trusted to turn over all pertinent documents to the investigators. The raid was a “no-knock” case, thus officials didn’t want to allow time for Manafort to tamper with anything before the FBI could enter. A raid conducted via search warrant also never tends to indicate that there is no potential lead based on a crime, a search warrant can only be granted in efforts to obtain evidence that would help prove a crime has been committed.

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While the White House and other representatives for Manafort have claimed he is fully cooperative, the current state of affairs is indicating otherwise. Perhaps the proof of collusion is in Mueller’s sights.

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Source: Washington Post

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