With all the internet trolling 50 Cent does, you would think he doesn’t have one of the highest rated shows on television. Even with all the success, 50 consistently finds the time to shade whoever he feels he needs to and on any given day.

7/10 the shade goes ignored because people, you know, have actually things to do but Monday, Gabrielle Union took the time to tell 50 exactly what she thought about what he had to say.

It all began about 50 publicly wondering what happen to the show (Empire) that is supposed to be in “competition” with Power.

Gabrielle Union commented saying that she doesn’t compete with other artists because there is enough room for them all to succeed. She also gave props to Power and all of it’s success. 50 replied saying that he isn’t about to go back and forth with her because he has respect for her husband, Dwayne Wade and that her “Mary Jane show” is welcome to stay on BET when he “takes over” the network. See the full exchange below.

LOL. 50. WHY?

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