Kamala Harris is not with Donald Trump’s “many sides” verbiage.

After a Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday (August 12), got completely out-of-control, President Donald took the podium and said he condemns hate “on many sides.”

Racists and Nazis literally claimed this as a victory.

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Donald Trump, whose father attended KKK rallies, who has been consistently endorsed by former KKK leader David Duke, and who was constantly preaching violent racially-biased rhetoric during his presidential campaign, failed to directly condemn Neo-Nazis, who were responsible for many injuries and the death of Heather Heyer.

Kamala Harris, a Democratic Senator in California, released a statement that thoroughly criticizes the President’s lack of immediate action.

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Her statement resonates with many American’s who were shocked to see Trump avoid directly addressing the white nationalists, KKK, or neo-nazis involved in the horrific event. Trump has been quick to respond to his critics via Twitter with swiftness in many occasions, but after this disgusting racist rally, which was organized by his supporters, he remained silent until he delivered a pathetic televised response.

Trump responded to the outrage of his initial response today (August 14) by directly naming the KKK and Nazis, but many feel it is not genuine and far too late.

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