Supreme has officially announced a new capsule collection entitled “The World Is Yours” inspired by the classic 1983 Brian De Palma directed film “Scarface.” The capsule collection is slated for release on Thursday, August 17 at Supreme stores in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, and London. On August 19, the collection will be available in Japan then online on Thursday, August 24.

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The collection will highlight the iconic imagery from the film including the black and white image of Al Pacino, which is often used as the film’s cover photo, and the image of the globe sign reading “The World Is Yours.” The film has become intrinsic in hip hop culture since it’s release, with rappers displaying their affinity for it in music such as Nas’ track “The World Is Yours” from his classic debut album Illmatic, or the notorious use of the film during episodes of MTV’s show “Cribs.”

The collection will include a leather jacket, denim jacket, and jeans, all of which will bear the iconic graphic images and famous quotes.

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