The White nationalists responsible for the horrific Neo-Nazi rallies that went down in Virginia on August 12 are apparently scheduling another rally for September 11 at Texas A&M school. They are dubbing it as a “White Lives Matter” rally and it will coincide with a speech being made by the slimeball, self-proclaimed leader of the “alt-right”, Richard Spencer.

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Preston Wiginton, the organizer of this Texas protest, was inspired by the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a “Unite the Right” rally went full KKK and had people brandishing vitriolic hate symbols and rhetoric. When the crowds in Charlottesville who opposed these hate filled protestors clashed, violence and chaos ensued which led to an act of terrorism committed by a white nationalist (nazi) who intentionally drove a car into a crowd of counter-protesters and killed one woman and injured many.

Josh McCormack, editor of Texas A&M’s student paper The Battalion, explained that students are already preparing to counter protest. “Students are planning a number of various [counter-] protests… The most popular protests seems to be a recreation of the ‘maroon wall.’”

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The “Maroon Wall” protest was carried out before when the Westboro Baptist Church, another group who lives and breaths ignorantly ridiculous hate, tried to protest a soldiers funeral at a local church. The wall was formed as students linked arms and blocked the Westboro members from seeing or interfering with the ceremony.

“We will be making a silent, outward facing wall around the plaza to protect our students and show that the Aggie Family’s commitment to its own is far greater than any force trying to divide us,” a post on Facebook said about the upcoming “maroon wall” counter-protest.

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A Texas A&M rep, Amy Smith, said the following of Wiginton’s planned “white lives matter” protest, “His views and those of the group he represents are counter to the core values of Texas A&M… While he has the right of free speech, so, too, do we have the right to refute those views and get on with the daily business of a world class university.”

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Source: CNN

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