Atwaters returns with a hard-hitting new track called “Missing 3rd”. With lyrics being spit with rapid-fire directness, the Florida rapper that’s currently living in Seoul, South Korea gives us a visual for his new banger filled with smoke and symbolism for all the conspiracy theorist within hip hop. Today, the Illuminati theory is as relevant as ever, often used as a way to justify the continued success of artists—Jay Z, Beyoncé, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Kanye West—who are accused of being included within the secret society. There’s an endless stream of books, podcasts, and blogs examining the Illuminati’s use of media.

Atwaters is rhyming nearly every other word he raps on this entire song. There are no one-word rhyme schemes. He makes sure that every word in one bar directly aligns and rhymes with every word in the following or preceding bar—it’s wildly impressive. His next project will be called “Mind On Paper” but for now focus your mind on his new single “Missing 3rd” below.

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