Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer who was killed protesting in Charlottesville, has spoken up about Trump and the White House trying to contact her. Talking to “Good Morning America” she said she is not interested in talking to Trump following his comments comparing the anti-racism protesters like her daughter to those of the Ku Klux Klan and Neo Nazi’s. Susan Bro says that they tried to contact her several times and initially she was busy dealing with her daughter’s memorial service and setting up her foundation. But after hearing Trump’s comments she refused.

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She was quoted saying:

“I’m not talking to the president now, I’m sorry,” Bro said candidly. “After what he said about my child … it’s not that I’ve seen someone else’s tweets about him, I saw an actual clip of him at a press conference equating the protesters, like Ms. Heyer, with the KKK and the white supremacists.”

Trump’s presidency has been nothing short of a fiasco, and the handling of this Charlottesville event is another showcase of the person the country has elected into office.

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Source: The Root

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