Widespread terror has hit Spain after terrorist attacks in Barcelona and hours later in the seaside resort of Cambrils. Following terrorist attacks in Europe throughout the past couple of months, this was Spain’s worst terrorist attack in 13 years. In Barcelona, a van flew down a crowded pedestrian way killing 13 and in Cambrils five men in a car hit and killed five people. However, police are under the assumption these are linked to an explosion in a village 120 miles north of Barcelona. They believe that was a test of a truck bomb the terrorists planned to use that would bring the casualty count dramatically up.

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The suspected driver in the Barcelona case is a seventeen-year-old named Moussa Oukabir. His older brother was arrested in connection with the attacks. There were also three vans rented in the name of the older brother. Moussa Oukabir is currently on the run. 3 of the people arrested in the attack have routes from Morrocco. ISIS has taken responsibility for this attack. It has been reported that 80 people from 34 countries were attacked. This mass attack of terrorism is sad and is only continuing over the world we live in today.

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Source: NY Times

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