Action Bronson and Rick Ross connect for “9-24-7000,” a new single off of Bronson’s Blue Chips 7000 album that’s dropping this Friday (Aug. 25).

“Yo if I didn’t say it’s me you would probably think it’s Sting/My fish go bling, what, this old thing?/I never switch up, my brother need a biscuit/Then I’m gripped up, hangin’ off my shoulder, fuck the bullshit/November rain came the same day,” – Bronson.

“Baking soda required, decided drug dealin’/Residents is divided amongst the feds and the children/Let him keep totin’ drugs if he willin’ to plead guilty/The star state witness, they’ll hit you up for that selfie/Dro can only help me, Backwood and I’m healthy/I’m the label owner, I’m the only one can shelf me.” – Ross

“9-24-7000″ was produced by Harry Fraud. The new album is the third installment of Bronson’s Blue Chips series. Check out “9-24-7000″ below.

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