Lead vocals for beloved band, Samurai Shotgun, Prince Golden is known for his highly energetic performances as well as his effortless and laid back tone when he raps. What he delivers to us now is a slick style of rhyming with a chin up chest out attitude on his track, “Casket Closed” produced by Rude 100.

It’s not game over til the casket closed/ never put all your eggs in one basket tho/ Reality compared to a video game/ These silly ho lames/ with no critical gain/ The pivotal sprain from crossing fools and breakin ankles – Prince Golden

Created in Tampa, Florida, but now calling Atlanta home, Samurai Shotgun is composed of lead vocalist; Matt Henley, guitarist; Tyler Mulder, bass player; Bryant Harp, drummer; Jovan Lecaro, and on the turntables and keys; Marquis Blocker otherwise known as DJ Qeys. Listen to Prince Golden’s latest bars here.

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