“Unforgettable” was a colossal hit this summer spending a good amount of time on the Billboard Hot 100. The summer hit has seen it’s fair share of remixes as well. Rapping out of the Tampa Bay area, Florida’s Finest Barber Shop owner and emcee; blackmontreal decided to add some bars of his own.

“Don’t test me, don’t press me, cuz war is my preference/
Wear scars not a necklace/
Get this, I’m starving for this but I’m far from recession/
Im harder than bricks, but not far from depression/

Coming up next for blackmontreal will be the live performance on Bubba Morning Radio Show and his album that’s untitled for now. “2:moreminutes” is his next mixtape and will play the role as the second part of his previous mixtape, “2 minutes”. For now check out the video for his “Unforgettable” remix below directed Michael Aber. For ig add @blackmontreal.

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