At the age of 10 years old, DJ Kool Flash has nothing but potential to be one of the greatest of all time. Once dubbed the ‘youngest DJ in charge’ by Sadat X of Brand Nubian, the A+ student is building on Hip Hop’s traditional elements. The 10 Year Old Sensation is dropping the “Black August Mixtape” Volume 1, Part A & B. This Project will be hosted by Bambatha Mandela who was raised by and is a grandson of Nelson Mandela; as well as a rapper, singer, writer and producer in South Africa. In a exclusive interview with Blame Ebro, DJ Kool Flash talks about her latest mixtape, influences and Puerto Rico.

So what made you start DJing?

Well my dad used to be a DJ and whenever he wasnt on the turn tables I would mess around on it a little bit. Then I thought to myself this is what I wanna do.

How old were you do you remember?

I was seven I believe

You’re 10 now right?

Yes I’m going to be 11 in a few months

So how does it feel to be one of the youngest DJ’s in the industry?

It feels amazing

Is there any pressure?

A little bit yeah, sometimes tons

Well you know, it’s completely normal to feel pressure especially for someone your age. A lot of adults cant handle the position you’re in so you should be very proud of yourself.

Thank you

So what was it like being on stage with legends like Method Man and Redman and how did that even happen?

Well it all started because of my dad and the feeling… I cant even put it into words. It was just amazing.

Did you listen to them when you were younger?

Yes my dad used to play them all the time.

Who else did you listen to?

I listened to a lot of RnB. James Brown, Aretha Franklin, I also opened up for Lauryn Hill.

That’s amazing. The things you’ve achieve at your age is beyond impressive. You being only 10 yrs old, does all of this have any affect on your childhood?

umm a little bit cuz like, not every 10 year old gets to do what I do

Not at all ( we both laugh ). For the most part you’re having fun right?

Yes I’m having a lot of fun right now

What do you hope to be in the future?

Production, I wanna make beats I wanna make my own music, I wanna be a rapper and I wanna play the drums.

I understand you have another mix tape coming out and you had to deal with some copyright issues for the first time. Aside from that, why did you decide to call it “Black August”?

Because I wanted to bring awareness to what is happening with our people right now you know.

Are there any particular songs on your mix tape that will touch on that. Like the injustice and inequality that minorities face?

I actually have this song from B.O.B. called “Peace” and it has a lot to do with whats going on

What kind of headphones do you use when you DJ?

I use Sony headphones

Yeah? Are those your favorite?


I understand you donated to Puerto Rico, how do you feel about everything going on right now?

I feel very sad for the people. I actually donated a couple hundred dollars. I was in Puerto Rico a couple months ago and to see how Puerto Rico is now, It breaks my heart.

That’s very nice you’re giving back. You’re leading by example for kids your age. By any chance did you hear any of the comments that Trump made about Puerto Rico?

umm, a little bit yeah

How do you feel about him?

I wish he was never President.

A lot of us agree with you. So in the near future what can we expect from you aside from your mixtape?

I’m working on a routine for Serato, it’s going to up by the end of the month

Well DJ Kool Flash it was very nice talking to you. I wish you the best in your career and I believe you’re gonna be a huge star one day.

Thank you I appreciate it.

This “Black August Mixtape” contains special shout outs by “Grammy Award Winner” and Actor Method Man from the Wu-Tang Clan, Rah Digga (Flipmode Squad) and LiL Fame from The World Famous M.O.P. Watch the announcement for the mixtape hosted by Bambantha Mandela below.



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