Coming from Brooklyn and a member of CYN, Kai Cash is a young rapper and visionary. In 2013, at just the age of 15, he created GOD.GLORY. GOLD, a line of urban apparel. So far, Diddy Meek Mill, Remy Ma, and Justin Combs have been G3 wearers. Kai Cash is also a member of ‘CYN’ which is a secret meaning that only the members know. They have recently extended the name to ‘CYNMOB’ off of the strength that the collective has exceeded more than 15 members. The CYNMOB is the ultimate entourage of 2017 and is sure to take their brand to the next level in the upcoming years. These young men are following in the footsteps of their famed fathers. In a exclusive interview with Blame Ebro, Kai Cash talks to us about his father being a member of Junior Mafia, Lil Kim, the CYN brand and much more.


How did you get your name Kai Cash?

When I was younger growing up I always had the desire to make music and I used to be known as Kai Dolla for a long time. For like the first 10 years of my life. After a while of growing up I just felt like I was worth more that just dolla. So I changed the name to Kai Cash and it stuck with me since.

When did you get into music?

I think I made my first song at age 7. It was actually a solid record. Since then I was just growing and building and I’m here now.

I understand you started a clothing at age 15? Can you tell me more about that?

Yessir yeah. I started God.Glory.Gold. when I was 15 junior in my high school. I was really artsy and talented with my pen. One day I was like yo I dont ever wanna work for anybody in my life. So I brought this idea to my parents that I wanted to start a clothing line. One day in class I was just sketching up like logos and stuff and I came up with a Jesus piece, a gold bar and like a cross or somehing like.

Those elements represented something right?

Yeah it represented God. Glory. Gold and when I brought the idea to my parents they like were “aight yeah just do it, we’re gonna let you do what you wanna do”

You were 15 when you came up with this design.

Yeah exactly I was just in class one day bored and I was just like I need to do something. From there I just got the idea that I wanted to start my own business.

I dont know of any 15 yr old with that thought process. *we both laugh* You had a like a heavy foresight at that age that’s very impressive. So where is your brand at today?

I actually slowed down being that I’m in school and all that. Still working on the music more than ever so it’s like I dont really have too much time to cater to that but it’s still around. I still have my website, I still get sales.

So it’s still like a functioning brand and from what I seen a few big name artists actually have worn your shirts before.

Yeah a few actually, I’ve had Puff Daddy, Meek Mill, Jadakiss, DJ Spinking, All the comb’s

Your parents have had a lot of influence on your life and creativity. I understand your dad was in Junior Mafia and is also a succesful entrepreneur to this day, What was the environment like growing up?

Growing up I lived with my mom but I seen my dad often and when I did he would always take me and my cousin to Lil Kim’s house in Jersey. So growing up from like 3 yrs old to 7 I was always in Jersey on the weekends. Just being around all the music and experiencing the hip hop vibes, being around Kim and the whole mafia. Even on top of that my mom was a heavy music listener, always listened to different music.

You were just digesting culture your whole life. It’s in your DNA at this point. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Sheesh, hopefully, I’m very optimistic about my future so I feel like I’m definetly gonna be worth a couple million. I see myself just expanding my endeavors totally cuz I’m always trying to figure out something new for myself to do. I feel like my music is gonna be big, I’m very confident in my sound even as far as CYN I feel like all of us are gonna be bigger.

Speaking of CYN, There’s a long list of members. Who’s all apart of it and what do you guys represent?

We’re actually just like a family and a group of individuals that started our own thing because you know we grew up in the Junior Mafia and Bad Boy household. So we see what our parents did and how strong they impacted the music industry. So we just decided to start our own family, CYN. It’s like a foundation for all of us to do what we do under this one big umbrella.


So who are some of the members?

Beside myself, we have Christian Combs ( Diddy’s son ) who’s an artist signed to Epic/Bad Boy, we have Niko Brim, Shaq, Trey Liv, Kwales, idea if you’re familiar with the “Paid In Full” record but everyone I named are on the record. Behind the scenes people we have like my boy V Johnson, he’s like the behind the scenes business manager making sure all the merchandise gets done. You have athletes like Shareef O’Neal, Greg Jordan.

Is that Shaquille O’Neal’s son?


That’s dope.

Yeah it’s just a lot of us.

You will all be at the Revolt Music Conference this weekend in Miami. CYN actually has a Pop-Up shop this Friday. Who and what can we expect to be there?

Well, I know you can expect to see us there for one, we have a lot of good friends and good people. Have a couple bloggers come thru, you’ll be there, hopefully we’ll have some special guests. Some real supporters, some OG’s.

You can’t really tell me can you there’s a lot of surprise guests.

Yeah I can’t really name names but it’s gonna be a great turn out.

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