Photographer Kadeem Cobham has built a portfolio that could serve as a chronicle of Urban, Street and Pop culture. Best known for his work under the pseudonym “Arrogant Watcher,” he is an award-winning contemporary photographer and visual artist currently based out of Central Florida. He adds an aesthetic and incorporates it with brands, particularly lifestyle brands. He eventually earned a reputation as a relentless perfectionist by way of his natural settings and his laser focused eye for excellent composition.

My influences comes from anything and everything. Mainly, my inspiration comes from things I observe whenever I’m out. Something as simple as a conversation with a stranger influences my work. I take into account the people I meet and learn something that I apply into my work. – Kadeem

His work behind the camera brought him to Cuba, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago, as well as leading him to work with renowned companies such as Porsche, iHeart Media and NIKE. In addition to partnering with emerging fashion brands such as Men’s Closet, Feat Socks and Rastaclat; the opportunities he gets when he works with brands really boils down to an appeal that his photography creates. He adds an aesthetic and incorporates it with brands, particularly lifestyle brands. The photographers he looks up to are Fred Stein, Devin Allen, Timothy McGurr, Jason Peterson to name a few. In what looks like the making of a legendary career, Arrogant Watcher has been using a Nikon D750 for the past 2 years.

It’s been a beast and my work horse over the past almost 2 years. I have such a crazy shutter count on it. It’s been mad reliable in situations where I needed to send photos on the fly plus it’s low light abilities. I generally shoot with an external flash as a last resort but I’ve got alot of gems using limited lighting. – Kadeem

Check out Arrogant Watcher’s photos from the Revolt Music Conference featuring P Diddy, Queen Latifah, David Banner, Joey Bada$$, King Combs, 2 Chainz and here.

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