Former First Daughter, Malia Obama might find herself in the center of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault drama, thanks to a new class action lawsuit.

According to The Blast, the 19-year-old will be subpoenaed for a deposition determine if she saw or heard anything regarding Weinstein’s alleged sexual assaults during her 3-month internship at The Weinstein Company.

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Reportedly attorneys want to “talk to Malia ahead of future depositions” so they can begin to strategize based off of the information provided by her.

Obama started interning at the New York office of TWC in February. With this being her third internship in TV (she worked on the set of HBO’s Girls as well as the short-lived Halle Berry show Extant), Obama was reportedly heavily involved in the pre-production of new projects; including reading and pitching scripts to execs. Weinstein was also a heavy campaign contributor to former President Obama’s presidential runs.

Shortly after news broke about Weinstein’s alleged behavior, Michelle and Barack released a statement:

“Michelle and I have been disgusted by the recent reports of Harvey Weinstein. Any man who demeans and degrades women in such fashion needs to be condemned and held accountable, regardless of wealth or status. We should celebrate the courage of women who have come forward to tell these painful stories. And we all need to build a culture, including by empowering our girls and teaching our boys decency and respect, so we can make such behavior less prevalent in the future.”

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