World is just the reflection of your thoughts. Richie Guapo can be heard looking back at his self within the past year on his track “Reflections”. Produced by by Forza & Oogie Mane, The beat plays the role as the mirror that Richie speaks to about his situations. This song is essentially based on Guapos mindset last year and the situations he was going through was causing him to lose himself & forcing him to reflect on everything that happened to his relationships

“look into my eyes you see my pain/ some more i look in her eyes dont feel no pain/ no more look into my girl dont get to close/ look inside your eyes girl this aint no joke” Guapo

Richie Guapo Drops “Speeding” Produced By Stretch [AUDIO]

After sitting in the vault for a while, “Reflections” will remain just a song for now with no plans to release a visual for. Listen to his the mirror based concept below.

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