Although his main dream was to make a career in sports, 4Way Pup has been making music since he was 15. Going by the name Young Pody, the Tarpon Springs rapper was inspired by his Uncle to become an artist. Representing a label called “Cash Addicts” in Tarpon Springs,Fl, 4Way Pup tells us about what he did in “High School”. His single is released under the independent label, “Cash Addicts” that B.O.A Coop (4Way Pup’s brother) and a collective of others started about 2 years ago.

Cash Addicts is something that has been with me since I was a young boy, I got it tatted when I was 16. It was something that me and my Uncle Dewey came up with – 4Way Pup

It is no surprise that a large percentage of rappers talk about moving work in their rhymes. But as we all know by now, most of these claims fall into the “it’s only entertainment” category. On the other side you have those rappers who really were about that life before their rap days. 4Way Pup describes just that in his single “High School”. The two engineers that worked on the song were Joseph of Sep Entertainment and Brian of Deep Productions. A visual for will be coming soon for now listen to his single produced by Click Klack below.

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