An author at New York Times once said “real love, once blossomed, never disappears”. That notion perfectly describes the energy in Dynasty’s new project, “The Love EP 2”. Her flow is slowed and smoothed out with maturity and emotion. Also each verse has rewarding intricacies that become more evident with multiple listens. It’s been an amazing past couple years for female emcees. As far as content goes, Dynasty separates herself by connecting with most rap fans in a completely reasonable way. Songs like “Messed Up” and “Dreams Of you Lately” are insanely relatable. The brilliance in her creative direction in this project is simplifying answers to complex questions that we all ask ourselves after our experiences with relationships.

“The album takes us through the motions of love. finding ourselves considering trying it again, reflecting on past situations and how it affected us, putting ourselves out there again and finding the light in what we thought was a cold, dark world” – Dynasty

Watch Dynasty’s “The Lord” From Her Album “Forever,DY” [VIDEO]

The Love EP II drops on the sixth anniversary of The Love EP, which dropped on 11.11.11. It is produced by The Set, Rude 100, Wally Clark and OP Supa. It features James Klynn, Demi Nova, Ron Marks, J’Nelle and Aja Lorraine. Listen to hear new project here.

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