Épais, pronounced Eh-Pay, has been writing lyrics since he was 13, After a period of singing in bands and producing, he started rapping again started working with the Orlando Collective ‘All My Homies’. In His latest single “Bad For A Minute”, produced by ‘Chris Quest’ he sets his sights on creating his own lane.

“The song is a Grime song at heart. I love Grime music as it’s very close to home and I wanted my first release to reflect that. The lyrics are quite quirky and funny in places, but the song is essentially about going against the grind and finding my own path over the years” – Epais

His biggest influences nowadays are artists like Tyler the Creator and Skepta as well as watching Rock Concerts of AC/DC and ZZ Top. The AMH artist’s previous projects have mainly been in Production in lots of different genres including EDM. He has performed in London & more recently a number of shows in Orlando. He’s going to be releasing an EP soon which features songs he wrote and produced himself. Listen To “Bad for a Minute” here.

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