Ever since getting a cosign from Joey Bada$$, Flipp Dinero has been gaining a heavy buzz in New York. Earlier this year he eventually joined the Pro Era rapper and was signed to Cinematic Music Group as well. The first artist that Joey has cosigned outside of his own Pro Era collective. Flipp flourished with Cinematic Music Group under the watchful eye of label head Jonny Shipes.

“[Joey] was like, ‘Yo Flipp, I really feel like you would be big if you do your thing and just focus,'” explains Flipp. That’s what led to me meeting Jonny. When Jonny came across me, he was like, ‘Yo, you’re dope. I wanna work with you, but we gotta keep building. You gotta show people that you want it.’ That’s what I’m doing now.”

The Brooklyn native is now back with a visual for “Time Goes Down” Remix featuring G Herbo and directed by SHOTBYCISCO. Flipp and G Herbo linked following the release of Herbo’s debut album Humble Beast. Watch Chicago meet Brooklyn as the two emcees rap on the standout video below.

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