An appeals court has told a Philadelphia judge to act “without further delay” on Meek Mill’s two-week-old emergency bail request after it was denied.

On November 28, the state Superior Court issued the order after it rejected a bail request from Mill’s lawyers, stating that it is up to the sentencing judge to decide.

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The Philadelphia rapper was sentenced to two to four years in prison related to a violation probation from a gun and drug case from 10 years ago. Although the prosecutor and Mill’s probation officer recommended that he not be jailed, Judge Genece Brinkley sentenced him to jail time anyway. Since then, an investigation has been launched on whether the judge treated Mill unjustly or not. Jay-Z has spoken out about the sentencing in an op-ed piece in The New York Times and earlier this week Mill was visited by Rev. Al Sharpton for what was described as a very “blunt” talk.

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Source: NBC

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