Ryan Leslie’s legal issues over a missing and then returned laptop started in 2010. While touring in Germany, his laptop and a few hard drives were stolen out of a car leaving the singer in producer in a pure panic.

Initially, Leslie offered a $20,000 reward via Twitter for his missing backpack. When the bookbag wasn’t returned, he raised the reward to $1 million for any of the files, intellectual property that was on the laptop and the hard drive.

Eventually, a German man named Armin Augstein contacted authorities informing them he found the laptop. Augstien claimed he found the backpack in a garbage bag located in the forest and took it home. He found Leslie’s passport and searched his name on the internet where he found out about the million dollar reward.

When Leslie refused to pay the reward due to the files on the laptop being corrupt, Augstein filed a lawsuit in 2012 where he won the $1 million, plus an additional $180,000 for “interest.” Shortly after the ruling, Leslie filed for bankruptcy. In 2013, New York City marshals seized Leslie’s 2010 Cadillac Escalade and sold it in an auction due to Leslie’s continuous refusal to pay the $1 million. Now The Blast reports that the singer has lost the most valuable thing to him, his music catalog.

New court documents filed last week states that the Leslie and Augstein have decided that Augstein will receive interest in Leslie’s musical rights and future royalty payments for all songs written, produced or recorded by Leslie.

Augstein will receive up to $538,000 in royalties. If Augstein doesn’t earn $300,000 after six years, he maintains the rights until he gets that much. After that mark is hit, Leslie will regain the rights back to his catalog.

Not only does the catalog has music from Leslie, best known for his hits like “Addicted,” “Diamond Girl,” and “You’re Not My Girl,” but it also includes music by Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo, Jim Jones, Usher and more.

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