Lord Divine is an upcoming artist from Bronx New York who’s been making noise in the music scene. In his most recent music video which is titled “Exotic”, you can hear Lord Divine talk about some of the struggles he faced in the streets. Growing up in the 90’s era of hip hop, some of Lord Divine’s music influences come from artists like Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, Nas and 2pac. Some of the few artists he’d like to work with and is influenced by include, Uncle Murda, Jadakiss, fabolous, Yo Gotti and Kendrick Lamar.

“These are some of the few artists who stick to the roots and I can always expect quality from these guys, where some of the other new artists, there’s either no effort, no talent, or the songs are just hit or miss.” Lord Divine

He’s planning on releasing a new visual for his second single which is titled, “I’m Sorry,” and also another music video for his track titled, “Drug Game.” Although Lord Divine has no official release date set for a full length project, we can definitely expect a body of work from him “in due time.” for now enjoy his latest visual below.

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