For a lot of us, Hip Hop is our only therapy. 4Way Pup is in the same position in his recent video for “Pride” where he raps about moments where he deals with suicidal thoughts.

“Just gotta swallow my pride/ It’s alright to cry/ So much pain I hold inside it feels like its alright to die/ but I know it’s a better way this aint what life about/ I just cant get it right no matter how hard I try” – 4Way Pup

From Tarpon Springs, 4Way Pup Tells Us About His Teen Years In “High School” [AUDIO]

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, approximately 43.8 million adult Americans—one in five people suffer from mental illness each year. Black Americans are 20 percent more likely to suffer from serious mental health issues but also half as likely to use mental health services compared to white or Asian Americans. On his second verse, the Tarpon Springs rapper touches on what keeps him mentally balanced. Watch “Pride” below.

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