If you’re checking for atmosphere projects and you have a functioning knowledge of what makes a solid body of work, then Pusha Preme’s “T.I.M.E” (Things I Must Earn) should be in your headphones. Since forming in 2010, Pusha Preme has been making studio magic. On T.I.M.E. Preme seeks to expand upon his deep emotional scars from this project. The emotion comes off authentic as Preme’s heart-on-his-sleeve approach puts him in a league of his own. This is an album where the Tampa,Fl native is caught between his own nightmares, struggles and finding the greatness that he expects himself to be. This project is also flooded with other talent. The features consist of Kel Levy, Nico Sweet, Larz Darko, Ad The Artist, YZM, Ray Benton, Reaching Nova, Tyrell Golden, Tee Monee and Zae Ewing. These tracks instill hope in a new sound coming from the Tampa Bay area. Listen to Pusha Preme’s hot new project below.

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