Jayy Grams recently released his EP Good Times, which received looks from multiple respected platforms. Today the 18-year old emcee from Baltimore is back with a brand new EP Grime & Basslinez. The 7-track EP takes listeners on a journey through the life of a young black man who simply is striving for a better life with his team, the LoWFi movement.

“I remember the fact that the way the music was received, I never saw something like that before,” he says. “From people saying ‘Yo that kid can spit’ and shit like that…it gave me the motivation and a bump of self-esteem to continue with the music.” – Jayy Grams on the reaction from his listeners

Although this young emcee has gained a large amount of buzz, he’s faced a fair amount of discouraging moments and has treated every brick wall like a speed bump. The production on “Grime & Basslinez” features Tedd Boyd, Trigga T and Sap. The sound of this EP is a mirror reflection of the 90’s, stream Jayy Gram’s latest project below.

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