We’re all tired of human lives turning into hashtags and watching murderers get off. A new generation of artists are addressing racism, violence and disillusionment in a way that hasn’t been heard in decades. Sucoo’s new song “Momma Said” is about the struggle between people of color and law enforcement. How a young black boys mother’s main focus is the survival of her children and how no matter how you present yourself to the world, you’re still seen as a nigga.

“Momma said never let nobody put yo hands behind your back/Momma said when u get pulled over by the pig no talkin back /Momma said when u grow up u can be anything that u like /Momma said only thing she askin of her son is to survive”

Cops are the people who are supposed to keep societies safe. Yet many times musicians feel differently, and their feelings ends up in songs like Sucoo’s “Momma Said” featuring LB199X below.

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