Twelvepieces new collection ‘Roots’ is very limited and contains storytelling pieces about the cultural heritage of their head of design, Amir Hassan, and his childhood in Cairo, Egypt.

“I think it is very important to represent and showcase both sides of Egypt. Though the country has been suffering from various dictators and corrupt politicians for years, I think it is important to stay positive and showcase Egypt and our culture on a larger scale than just my 24 years in this world.” – Amir Hassan

This set was mainly inspired from the childhood of Amir Hassan when he was visiting his family for 2 months every year up until the revolution started in 2011. For this collection, Twelvepieces teamed up with filmmaker Viktor Sloth who is responsible for the visualizing of their new collection. The collection will still have the Arabic calligraphy with words like freedom, brotherhood etc. Unlike the rebellious values from their first collection.

“For me the pyramids, sand dunes, camelbacks and hieroglyphs are among the things I find beautiful and inspiring. Not only does it represent a time when Egypt was a frontier for what would be a modern society, it also helps me visualize the culture and tell the story about Egypt and – of course – my Roots.” – Amir Hassan

The collection did release December 12th 2017 through their website and selected stores worldwide. Check out the collection here.

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